Important updates

Affiliate system migration

Please read the information below carefully.

We are migrating your affiliate accounts together with their tagged Swedish players from Netrefer system containing brands NoAccountCasino/Bet, Speedy Casino/Bet, Prank Casino into MyAffiliates system containing brand PAF.

1. Login to MyAffiliates system

If you have your Multibrand account merged into your existing Paf account, you can use the same login credentials as your existing Paf account.

Login URL:

If you are not the above mentioned case, a new account has been created for you in the MyAffiliate system. Please log in by resetting the password first. You can do so by using your Netrefer username and email. Kindly note that it can take up to 15 minutes to receive the reset password email and remember to check your spam folder also. Contact us if you have trouble receiving password reset emails.

Password reset URL:

2. Current & historical deals

Once logged in, click on the “Reports” tab and you should be able to see all your Swedish deals migrated from Netrefer displayed on the left lower side of the page.

3. Tracking links

Tracking links for NoAccount/Speedy/Prank brands in the new system are not available yet. You must make sure that you change tracking links only on Thursday, 1st June 2023. You can grab tracking links by going to Marketing -> Direct links. All Netrefer tracking links will expire at 00:01, 1st June 2023. This means you will not receive any data nor commission from the Netrefer links after that time.

4. Marketing sources

Your Netrefer marketing sources are not migrated to the new system. Therefore you must create new Campaigns now in MyAffiliates by going to Marketing -> Manage campaigns. Once they are created, you will be able to grab new tracking links per campaign on 1st June 2023.

5. Players migration

Migration of affiliated players from Netrefer will be completed the first week of June. So right now you won’t be able to see the entire player database in your MyAffiliates account.

6. Reporting

You will still have access to the Netrefer system until 30th June 2023, so that you can check commission and download reports for the period up to 31st May 2023.

7. Invoicing & payments

Regarding May and earlier commission, invoicing procedure remains the same as it is. This means you still need to send separate invoices to Paf Multibrand Ltd for commission generated from NoAccount/Prank brands, and to Speedy Originals Ltd for commission generated from Speedy brands. How can you extract split commission for separate invoicing in Netrefer? Please follow the simple instructions in this article

Regarding commission generated from June onwards, we will send you an update in the beginning of June on how to invoice commission per Channel (brand+market) in the new affiliate system.

8. Netrefer system

Our usage of the Netrefer system will terminate on 30th June 2023.

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