Affiliate system merge from Paf Multibrand to Pafpartners

Finally, we are going to merge all Paf brands into one centralized affiliate system! This means very soon you will be able to promote, monitor performance and get paid on all our 6 brands within one system, namely Paf, No Account Casino, No Account Bet, Speedy Casino, Speedy Bet and Prank Casino. Therefore we would like to share with you a few important points.

1. Accounts migration (Netrefer >> MyAffiliates) 

Your Multibrand (Netrefer) affiliate accounts – together with their Swedish activities – will be moved to Pafpartners (MyAffiliates) platform.

For those of you who do not have an existing account in Pafpartners, there will be a new account created for you upon migration, and we will send you login instructions a few days before your account is ready in the new system.

For those of you who already have existing accounts in Pafpartners, as we discussed in a separate email your Multibrand accounts will be merged into your existing Pafpartners accounts.

Please do not create any new accounts in Pafpartners and Multibrand. Rest assured your Swedish players together with their reward plans will be linked to your accounts in MyAffiliates.

2. Pending commission 

If you have any commission that is un-invoiced or unpaid up to 30th April 2023 in Multibrand Affiliates, according to the T&Cs clause 9.15, we will keep a record of them for 3 years from the month each commission was generated. We also suggest that you download a payment report from your end in the beginning of May so that you can cross reference with full transparency.

3. Trackers & Media 

You will need to change tracking links some time in May once your account goes live in the MyAffiliate system. However please do not change anything now until we send you more updates regarding the trackers. Marketing sources, banners and landing pages will also be moved to MyAffiliate systems where you can extract new tracking links from.

4. Non-Swedish traffic 

Non-Swedish players and activities will not be migrated from Netrefer to MyAffiliates, meaning there will not be any non-Swedish legacy in the new affiliate system after May 2023. On the other hand, moving forward you will be able to promote our brands in the available markets such as Sweden, Spain, Estonia and so on.

You will hear more from us in the coming weeks so stay put. In the meantime please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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