Why should I join Multibrand Affiliates?

Because at Multibrand Affiliates we create extremely loyal customers that stay with us for a long time, in a responsible and safe environment.

How do I get started?

Start by registering here. When your application has been sent in, the Multibrand Affiliate team will evaluate and hopefully approve your account. After that you are officially a part of the Multibrand affiliate program!

How do I earn money by becoming and Multibrand Affiliate?

By refering players to us. When accepted to the program you will be able to extract your own personal tracking links that track the players that you send to us. The commission is then based/calculated on the net earnings made from each player.

Can I lose money on this?

No. We do not apply no negative carry-over and we never charge you for a negative commission during a calendar month, meaning that each month you get a fresh start.

What is the minimum earning before payout?

To get a payout, your earnings have to be more than €100. If the amount is lower than €100 it will be transferred to the next month’s payout.

How often are my stats updated?

Once a day.