How to promote Speedy Casino/bet

Welcome SpeedyCasino and SpeedyBet

We are finally ready to go live with affiliate marketing for our newest additions to the Multibrand Affiliates family: SpeedyCasino and SpeedyBet!

Here’s some important information regarding your Affiliate account/s and Speedy players:

I have an account at Multibrand Affiliates and already confirmed with an Affiliate Manager which Multibrand account I’d like to move Speedy Casino/Bet players into:

You can now find your acquired Swedish Speedy players in your Multibrand affiliate account(s) accordingly. You can simply use your current Multibrand Affiliates login credentials to access the account(s).

I don’t have a Multibrand Affiliate account but I have players from SpeedyCasino and SpeedyBet Sweden:

If you have a Hero affiliate account containing SpeedyCasino and SpeedyBet Swedish players, but you do not have a Multibrand Affiliates account, then a new affiliate account in Multibrand Affiliates has been created for you. You can access your new account by resetting your password here. You will need to enter your username and email address registered in Hero Affiliates and then you will receive a Reset password link to your email inbox. If you need any help with accessing your affiliate account, please do not hesitate to contact your closest affiliate manager or contact us on [email protected].

New Tracking Links

You can now grab new tracking links for SpeedyCasino and SpeedyBet on your Multiband Affiliates account by heading to ‘Media’ and ‘Media Gallery’ in your affiliate account. Remember to select a brand first and click “Search” so you can find the correct media quickly.

Migrated Marketing sources

If you are already promoting Speedy brands previously, your marketing sources created for Speedy Casino/Bet Sweden in the Hero affiliate system have now been migrated into the Multibrand affiliate system. You will find them in the dropdown list of all marketing sources. The migrated sources have “_SC” or “_SB” added in the end of the source names in order to help you find them easily. This means you will not need to create new marketing sources from scratch and can already grab Speedy tracking links by selecting these migrated marketing sources.

Player data

All previously acquired Speedy Casino/Bet Swedish players have been migrated to your Multibrand affiliate account. Their activity will continue to be imported to your Multibrand account. Those that have made first deposits and already triggered CPA under the old Hybrid/CPA deals will not be triggered again.


Moving forward regarding the commission generated from Speedy Casino/Bet in Sweden, it is important that you shall bill the invoices to Speedy Originals Ltd. Invoices for Speedy Casino/Bet can be sent separately to
[email protected]. Regarding commission for No Account Casino/Bet and Prank Casino, you shall continue to invoice Paf Multibrand Ltd. For more details please contact your closest Affiliate Manager or send an email to [email protected].


As always our affiliate team is here to help you if you have any questions or concerns. Please reach out to your closest affiliate manager or our support email, and we will be happy to assist you.



We wish you a great week ahead!

/Your Multibrand Affiliates Team

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